How To Cut Large Tree Stump With a Chainsaw

How To Cut Large Tree Stump With a Chainsaw

It is expected that when you cut a tree (big or small), you will be left with stumps. A tree stump can be gotten rid of through a lot of ways. I mean, you could do that through pulling off or burning or rotting or by grinding and many more. Burning is actually free but, it takes the resourceful part of your time. Well, pulling a tree stump with a chain saw also could be a whole lot but, it is only stress when you don’t follow the necessary safety precautions.

How do I mean? Fact, nobody likes a tree trump growing in their house because they can cause damage to your home if they are not cut before it gets too late. They make your yard look awful and unentertaining and so on. So, leaving them could cause a great hazard to your home.

If you want to get rid of that unsightly stump, you have just two choices:  You could pay an experienced person to do it while you pay big, or if you have a good chainsaw and are willing to follow the good safety precautions – you can do It just yourself! Trust me!

The reason you will see some houses with branches of cut down trees over the roof is simply that they never cut the tree well and sometimes, they don’t see it as a great deal to be taken care of. They feel it could be managed and overlooked. That’s a danger. Some even cut a tree and leave some parts (stump) but, they don’t know that same ugly, insect homed left stump could grow and become a source of danger again. They take over the entire yard over the years.

So, will like you to see that through the chainsaw method and the following safety procedures followed, you can successfully cut down the whole tree and have it neatly done. It is one of those methods you that is absolute and must be carried out if you want your yard to look its best. Do you want to find out? Read on then.    


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As I said, when the safety measure of the chainsaw is not followed, you could end up being a victim because the dangers are also there. But, not to scare you, you can also win that over. How? By following these basic steps:

How To Cut Large Tree Stump With a Chainsaw



Well, some people think they have all the intelligence to use a chainsaw just like the way they would handle something harmful thinking an injury would never happen to them. But, that’s wrong. It is better to put your ego aside than to get cut. It is advisable that whenever you want to work with the machine, you wear long pants, very steel – designed boots, helmets, safety goggles, and gloves. You could also read what is on the manual. With those, you are to go.



As I mentioned earlier, some folks leave the stump after cutting which is dangerous. While you firmly cut, make a horizontal cut through the tree and make sure it is as low as possible and do not exempt the limbs that may fall off when you cut. Also, be careful when you cut so that the chain does not ricochet when you do it to the ground. It is easy but instruction filled.



Of course, the stump after being cut will have dirt around it. So, you will clean it up, probably with a towel and expose the roots which would require digging into the ground for a good exposure.



Then, you can carefully use the chainsaw to cut through the roots you have exposed earlier. This process may reduce the blades’ sharpness so you carefully remove the dirt first to avoid any causalities



This is the most important part of the whole work whereby you pull the stump out, you could use your hand for that and make sure there is no root holding it in the ground. You can thereby use the chainsaw if you spot any loose root or attached one.



People get all excited after successfully removing the stump and forget to stop the blade from running. Well, you may have stopped the stump but might still get cut if you are careless. Stop the chain saw an carry on with whatever you have left to do. 


You’re going to be left with a big gaping hole that needs to be filled with something that is worth it after getting that hazard stump out of your yard. At first, the yard may look so unkept and rough. But, The new clearing is going to look unkept and rough but, with a little tender and great care, you’ll have the yard looking great in no time.

You could fill the hole with some quality top-soil, you could also want pant some seeds in it and grow some very beautiful and attractive tree up in your yard or maybe, a garden. You could make your yard a place of attraction again.   

I am sure with these steps, you can see that the chainsaw method is actually one of the best methods through which you can remove that unwanted and troublesome tree on your yard. Removing tree stumps would definitely add value to your home, and even better, gives your place that attraction it requires and add value to land.

The roots of the stumps take up a lot of real estates that could be used for something useful and resourceful in your yard. It dominates the area and doesn’t let the grass grow around it. It’s usually infested with weeds, and just creates a poor and dingy look in your lawn.

Try this today and you will be glad you removed that thorn in the flesh of your house through these methods! Good luck removing your tree stump      

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