Best way to cut logs without a chainsaw

Best way to cut logs without a chainsaw

If you have got a chainsaw, then there are good chances that you are going to use it sooner or later. Like tree felling, limbing or even pruning trees but if you are not having a chainsaw then what is an alternative?

Fortunately, as knew, there are many other cutting tools which can be used instead of a chainsaw.

Best way to cut logs without a chainsaw

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An electric powered chainsaw without a doubt is a preferable option but people have been performing these tasks much better without these tools long before it’s invention. In this article you are going to learn chainsaw alternatives. Read on to learn more details!

Best way to cut logs without a chainsaw

1. Crosscut


The crosscut saw looks like a standard hand saw, it has got a sturdy handle and a blade attached on it.

Crosscut saw has got different varieties and it can be used for many purposes, for example, stiff bladed and heavy saws are designed to cut felled trees in logs for firewood while flexible and lighter ones can be used for cutting actual trees down.  

The crosscut saws have got different kinds of teeth.

Pattern types: 

– Plain Teeth

– Champion teeth

– Great American teeth

These teeth are made for specific kind of cutting that is why it’s important that you read the packaging or talk with the seller to choose which saw is right for you!

The crosscut saws are come in two different forms – for single and two person use.

This is the best alternative to a chainsaw for cutting the firewood!

2. Hand Saw

Hand Saw

The standard hand saw is just like a crosscut saw but it’s appropriate to use with one hand. There are different sizes and shapes of hand saw, different teeth patterns are designed for specific tasks. 

3. Bow Saw

Bow Saw

The bow saw has got a bow-shape frame. It’s a good tool to cut firewood but you cannot use it for felling trees. The frame of the bow saw is in curved shape and it holds the blade straight and in correct tension. The tension of the blade can be easily adjusted with a turnbuckle or twisted cord! The bow saw is the best option for woodworking!

4. Folding Saw

Folding Saw

The folding saw is a great option to carry around with you on a hiking or camping trip. It’s a saw version of a pocket knife. The fact is that it folds keeping the blade out of the way safe and it makes it compact and a useful item which you can carry around for any situation where you will need it to build a fire. 

5. Wire Saw

Wire Saw

It’s an extremely portable tool which can be used for cutting firewood. You can easily put it in your pocket and it’s a great alternative not only to the chainsaw but even to a folding saw or hand saw.

If you wish you can even turn the wire saw into a bow saw just by finding a flexible branch, all you need to do is hook the wire on both ends and once you bend it on a bow shape, duplicate the look of a bow saw.

6. Axe


An axe is a primitive tool, it’s a good alternative for a chainsaw. Axes have been used for tree feeling for years, but as the time passed people found out that saws, crosscut saws are not just better in cutting already felled trees into logs but you can also use them to cut the actual trees down.

7. Breaking by hand

If you have been dealing with a rotten, dry or old wood then you can just break it up by hand. While you might want to break it over your knee, don’t. You might hurt yourself by performing this act. Just hold it on a firmly flat surface and then break it against the edge of the surface. Alternately, you need to place the branch on the ground, stand on it and just pull it up. it is a good way to make kindling.

8. Small electric saws

reciprocating saw

If you have got electricity then you might want to cut the scrap wood like old pallets, odds and ends of the boards, for kindling, use a reciprocating saw or a circular saw for this process. You are unable to fell a tree or even cut up the large logs with these saws but you can definitely create kindling from scrap.

The reciprocating saw come in corded or cordless forms. They also support different kinds of blades which can be either used for cutting wood, nails or plain metal.

9. Circular Saw

Circular Saw

To use the circular saw on the trees is a very difficult task other than those that are already cut down but you can still use it if you have got something like pallets that you just want to cut and then burn them.

10. Cutting and Splitting Firewood 

You need to cut the logs having 8-12 inch long length, depending on the size of your stove or fireplace. Make sure that your blade is vertical when you are cutting it. Most of the time the blade in bush saw twists easily so you can go through a long course of cutting through a log. Try to use as much length of blade as possible  while cutting without over bending your arm.

You need to put it downwards and forwards at the angle of 30-45 degrees. Make sure that you don’t put too much pressure downwards, if you have got a sharp blade then there is no need to put so much force on it.

Try to keep the blade sharp as it’s a tedious job due to the number of teeth that are normally double edged. You can use a small diameter mounted points which can be easily fitted into a dremel tool.

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